ADI Part 3 Ability

ADI Part 3 Checklist and Briefings Book ADI Part 3 Checklist and Briefings Book 

The (approved driving instructor part 3) instructional ability test lasts for about one hour and is designed to assess whether you can give instruction to a pupil in driving in a worthwhile and clearly understood manner. The test is in two phases,...  More >>

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ADI Part 3 Explained Book ADI Part 3 Explained Book 

So you have passed the part 1 theory test, demonstrating that you have the high standard of knowledge about the theory of driving technique. You have also passed, or are about to take, the part 2 driving ability test, demonstrating that you can put...  More >>

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Conquer Your Part 3 DVD Set Conquer Your Part 3 DVD Set 

Publishers Description... One of the country's TOP driving instructor trainers practically 'hands YOU the keys' to your Part 3 success on 16 DVDs with over 20 hours of priceless, tell-all, in-car video footage! What if you could...  More >>

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DIA Approved Part 3 Prompt Cards DIA Approved Part 3 Prompt Cards 

The original, best selling and the only prompt cards on the market which are approved by the Driving Instructors Association. This handy wallet of cue cards for the driving instructor covers both the phase one and phase two of the ADI part 3...  More >>

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Target 51 Standards Check Book for Approved Driving Instructors Target 51 Standards Check Book for Approved Driving Instructors 

At the time of completing this manual the Standards Check had been a reality for about a year. Leading up to the introduction of the new test there was considerable hype in the instructor community about it and much concern among instructors about...  More >>

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The Driving Instructors Handbook 20th Edition The Driving Instructors Handbook 20th Edition 

20th Edition The Driving Instructor's Handbook is widely recognized in the driver training industry as the authoritative reference guide for both trainee and qualified instructors. This handbook covers every aspect of the profession, from...  More >>

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