Colourfile Professional PLUS Lesson Diagrams in 3D

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Colourfile Professional PLUS Lesson Diagrams in 3D

The Driving Instructors Association preferred visual briefing system for the ADI

A4 Format - FULLY LAMINATED - 88 pages - Driving Instructor Lesson Plans with 300 new diagrams created in a virtual 3D environment.

Encapsulated in 125 micron gloss film - designed to be light and flexible enough for comfortable use. The diagram page can be shown to the client with the lesson plan folded back and out of sight. Content includes:

  • Precautions & Cockpit Drill
  • Foot Controls
  • The Clutch
  • Hand Controls
  • Mirrors & Blind Spots
  • Moving Off & Stopping
  • Safety Margins
  • Emergency Stop & Skidding
  • Lanes, Lines, Bends & Lights
  • Approach to Turn Left Colourfile Professional Plus Sample Page
  • Approach to Turn Right
  • Emerging at T-Junctions
  • Emerging at Closed Junctions
  • Crossroads Roundabouts
  • Mini-Roundabouts
  • One-Way Streets & Systems
  • Dual Carriageways & Multi-Lane Roads
  • Reversing Left
  • Reversing Right
  • Turn in the Road
  • Making a U-Turn
  • Parallel Parking Colourfile Professional Plus Sample Page
  • Bay Parking
  • Signals & Warnings
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Light-Controlled Crossings
  • Meeting Traffic
  • Overtaking
  • Buses, HOV & Cycles
  • Trains, Trams, Trucks & Traffic
  • Rural Roads
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Vehicle Safety & Maintenance Colourfile Professional Plus Sample Page
  • Journey Management
  • Motorway Driving
  • All Weather Driving
  • Driving at Night

T-Junction/Side road, Y-Junction, Protected Right Turn, Straight Road, Crossroads, Roundabouts, Mini-Roundabouts, Spiral Roundabout, Slip Roads, Pedestrian Crossings, Car Park


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Review by Nick on 11 April

  (5 out of 5)

"Fantastic product.
My pupils find the diagrams helpful and informative.
Highly recommend this lesson presenter."

Review by ian on 7 March

  (5 out of 5)

"Excellent material.
A picture in explanation is better than a 1000 words.
The folder was recommended to me at I will do to others!

Review by Tony on 13 June

  (5 out of 5)

"I bought one of these some time ago and use it with my trainees for in-car Part 3 and instructional training.

It is an excellent publication, not just for Part 3 but more importantly for general driver training.

The layout of diagrams is clear and correct in that they're on the right hand page so that they can be displayed clearly to the client and notes etc are on the left so that they can be used by the trainer/coach.

The notes actually lay out a lesson plan for the trainer (or trainee if a PDI) and make recapping, aims, objectives and lesson planning so much easier, especially for the new instructor.

The coverage of subjects is very comprehensive; what other manuals have dealing with emergency vehicles, space management, night and bad weather driving as subjects to be taught? This manual is for real driving as well as Part 3 and in my opinion one of the best on the market."

Review by Fiona on 25 October

  (5 out of 5)

"Great quality book!"

Review by Martin on 16 June

  (5 out of 5)

"Professional & clear diagrams.easy to use"

Review by cecilia on 4 February

  (5 out of 5)

"Fantastic resource, I had the original colourfile which was very good but had got a bit worn, this one is even better as it deals with motorway driving, night time driving and other subjects. Very pleased with it."

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