Driving Instructor Part 1 Theory Test Home Study Pack

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Driving Instructor Part 1 Theory Test Home Study Pack
This pack contains the following items:
1 x UK Official Highway Code Book
1 x Official DSA Guide to Learning to Drive Book
1 x Prepare for the Driving Test DVD Official DSA Guide
1 x Official DSA Guide to Driving Essential Skills Book
1 x Complete Theory Test Kit for Car Motorbikes & Driving Instructors
1 x The Driving Instructors Handbook 20th Edition

UK Official Highway Code Book

This updated edition of the only official Highway Code contains the very latest rules of the road. The most up to date edition available. Many of these are legal requirements and must be adhered to in order to avoid penalty - fines, penalty points, disqualification etc. All road users need to be aware of the new rules. The rules also include a reference to the legislation that creates the offence. The Official Highway Code reflects the most up-to-date legislation that road-users must adhere to, advice on road safety, and best practice.Essential reading for all road-users in England, Scotland and Wales.

Suitable for all speed awareness courses.

Official DSA Guide to Learning to Drive Book

This official guide explains the standards required to pass today's practical driving test. Most people fail their driving test because they are not prepared. 'The Official DSA Guide to Learning to Drive' will help the learner and anyone helping someone learn to drive by explaining the standard required for each key skill examined within the driving test. This new edition will help the person sitting in the passenger seat understand what the learner needs to practise and the potential hazards they may encounter. The aim is to make sure that the learner is capable of driving safely and confidently, without prompting from an instructor, before they take their test.

Explains the test and what the examiner will be looking for so you know what to expect on the day, produced by the people who set the test.

Prepare for the Driving Test DVD Official DSA Guide

The DVD clearly demonstrates the driving standards you need to achieve to reach Level 5, the practical test pass standard, for each of the 24 key driving skills examined in the test. This edition contains updated references to The Official Highway Code. The perfect product to complement lessons with your instructor.

Includes a test in action so you know exactly what to expect yourself. Demonstarted in detail are the 24 key driving skills, and Questions at the end of each sectionn will help you remember what you've learnt.

Includes references to The Official Highway Code and explains the 'Show Me, Tell Me' part of the test.

Official DSA Guide to Driving Essential Skills Book

This must-have driving manual has long been recognised as an ideaL reference guide for every motorist and is full of driving advice for learners, experienced motorists and instructors.

Many of the deaths and injuries that occur on UK roads every day might be prevented if we improve standards of driving. This comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know to help you learn and maintain safe driving skills and stay safe on the road. This latest edition has been updated to take account of changes in legislation, roads, vehicles, driving techniques and procedures, and also contains new content to further expand on the latest edition of The Official Highway Code. 'The Official DSA Guide to Driving - the essential skills', together with 'The Official Highway Code' and 'Know Your Traffic Signs', are the books from which the learner car driver and driving instructor theory test questions are taken; the official source materials.

It is strongly recommended that you study from these source materials, as well as products containing the theory test questions themselves.

Complete Theory Test Kit for Car Motorbikes & Driving Instructors

Everything you need to pass BOTH parts of the Car Driver, Motorbike and ADI Part 1 Theory Test

1. Theory Test - With over 1,200 official DSA revision questions
2. Hazard Perception Test
3. The Official Highway Code
4. Learn on the Go

This easy-to-use software contains all the latest official revision questions from the Driving Standards Agency, the people who set the test. Gain the essential knowledge and understanding you need to prepare and pass BOTH PARTS of the Theory Test first time, or your money back.


Practice the entire official DSA revision question bank of over 1,200 questions, covering everything you could be asked in your test. Essential revision for learner car drivers, motorcyclists and trainee driving instructors in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Sit unlimited mock tests including interactive case study questions, just like the real test. Includes official DSA explanations and references to the Highway Code, to help you learn and understand the correct answers. Customise your learning using questions that you have not yet seen or have previously answered incorrectly. Watch the Theory Test introduction video and know exactly what to expect on the big day. Keep a track of your progress and find out when you're ready to sit the real test. Optional voiceover to help those with reading difficulties or dyslexia.


Practise HUNDREDS of interactive video clips covering a wide range of road conditions. Sit unlimited mock tests that accurately simulate the official test by the DSA. Watch the official DSA introduction video and sample video clips. Understand how each hazard develops and how to score maximum points by reviewing each clip. Monitor your progress to find out when you’re ready for the real test. Built in cheat detection system that accurately replicates the official DSA test. All test clips are shot from outside the car, just like the real test.

The Official Highway Code

Read, search and print the latest digital edition of The Official Highway Code.

Know your road signs

Test your knowledge of every road sign that you may come across in the multiple choice part of the Theory Test.

Theory Test Book

Revise every official DSA revision question away from your PC using the printable Theory Test book and printable mock papers

Learn on the Go

Practise official Theory Test revision questions using your mobile phone or other portable media player.

System Requirements - PC

Operating System Windows XP (SP3) / Vista (SP2) / Windows 7 (SP1) / Windows 8
DVD-ROM Drive Requires disc in drive to run
Not compatible with most Netbook PCs.

The Driving Instructors Handbook 20th Edition

19th Edition

The Driving Instructor's Handbook is widely recognized in the driver training industry as the authoritative reference guide for both trainee and qualified instructors. This handbook covers every aspect of the profession, from the role itself, to the characteristics needed to do the job effectively through the preparation for the three ADI exams (part 1 theory and hazard perception, part 2 driving ability and part 3 instructional ability).

It also includes detailed guidance on issues such as licences, training, teaching and coaching skills, road traffic law and teaching people with disabilities. The ADI Handbook is essential reading for anyone involved in the training of drivers and instructors at all levels, and will ensure that new drivers are better able to cope with the increasing demands made on them.


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Review by John on 3 August

  (5 out of 5)

"The pack came through very quickly. I was surprised with content of the pack, which gave me all I needed to work towards my ADI qualification.
Definitely a sound investment"

Review by Peter on 29 November

  (5 out of 5)

"Fantastic thankyou. Now I just to learn it!"

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