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Co-op Young Driver Insurance

Now there’s a way to cut insurance costs for young drivers and reward safer driving. The Co-operative Young Driver Insurance uses ‘Pay-How-You-Drive’ Smartbox technology. Installed for free it records driving style and this information is then used to calculate a Safer Driving Discount.

Young Driver Insurance offers triple savings.

Direct Line Car Insurance

We're always looking for ways to save you money on your car insurance. Direct Line offers a range of discounts and product innovations that are aimed at achieving one thing – bringing down the cost of car insurance.

Kwik Fit Car Insurance

Get up to 20% online discount on your car insurance policy with Kwik Fit Insurance

Compare car insurance quotes with, quick and easy! Fill in your details once and receive quotes from most online car insurers. Click here for a quote and see how much you could save! is the comparison site that gets you loads of quotes for your car insurance without you having to do all the hard work. Enter your details once and do the rest. Independent choice, no messing about.

The Road Traffic Act requires all motorists to be insured against their liability for injuries to others (including passengers) and for damage to other people's property resulting from use of a vehicle on a road. It's an offence to drive your car or allow others to drive it without the car insurance.

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When it comes to car insurance honesty really is the best policy. When you get a car insurance quote and give the company your details they're recorded on their system and they only check if they are correct when you make a claim. So be honest. Make sure to declare all accidents, claims and convictions, and also inform them of any modifications to your car (if any).

What is excess?

Excess is usually between £50 - £2000. The higher the excess the cheaper the policy. Lets say you make a claim for £5000 and your excess is £400. You will pay £400 (the excess) and the insurance company will pay £4600. So you pay the first £400 of any claim.

Different types of cover:

Third Party - This covers:
Liability for injuries to other people, including passengers. Liability for damage to other people's property. Liability of passengers for accidents caused by them. Liability arising from the use of a caravan or trailer, while attached to the car.

Third Party Fire and Theft As previous plus:

Fire or Theft - If your car is not normally kept in a garage at night, theft cover may be excluded or subject to special conditions. There may be an "excess" - a part of the cost of the claim for which you are responsible - following an incident of theft. If you are selling your car make sure you receive proper payment before parting with it. Your insurance policy will not cover your loss if your car is taken from you by deception.

Comprehensive - As above and previous plus:

Accidental damage to your own car. There may be an "excess" - part of the cost of the claim for which you are responsible. A personal accident benefit. Certain amounts are paid in the event of the death or specific permanent disablement of the policyholder - and sometimes his or her spouse or family member. Medical expenses necessarily incurred, up to a stated limit. Loss of or damage to personal effects in the car, up to a stated limit.

Car Insurance for learner drivers and new/young drivers and especially the new provisional licence holder policy can initially be quite expensive but we have compiled a list of sponsors who are very competitive in supplying specialist car insurance quotes for learner drivers, young drivers, 17 year olds and provisional licence holders. So please visit their sites for free online quotes, including the new Collingwood Learner Driver Car Insurance for provisional licence holders.

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