P Plates / New Driver Plates

At Learnerstuff we strongly recommend the use of the green P-Plates. They show people you’re new on the road and most other drivers will give you a bit more time and consideration. We are in favour of the compulsory displaying of p plates, it makes a lot of sense and should be made part of the New drivers act

So why should you display ‘P’ plates after passing the test?

Drivers in their first 2 years of driving after passing the test are at high risk! Over a thousand new drivers lives are lost each year on UK roads. New drivers only make up 7% of the drivers in the UK but have 12% of accidents that cause injury. After the first two years of a driver passing their test, research shows that the probability of having an accident that causes injury is nearly halved.

At the moment displaying p plates in the United Kingdom is voluntary but recommended

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