The Touchscreen Computer

The touchscreen computer was introduced on the theory test on 4th january 2000 taking the place of the original paper tests. To select your answer you simply touch the screen to highlight that particular answer which you can unselect by touching the screen again. You will have about 15 minutes to practice using the the computer before starting the test.

If you have any problems using the system ask during your practice time and someone at the centre will give you assistance.

The questions appear on the screen very similar to our own mock theory tests (one question per page). If you get stuck on a question, use the flag option and return to it later on. Unlike our mock theory tests where you cannot return to the previous question. So the real multiple choice section of the theory test should be a bit easier than ours because you have use of the flaggin option. So make sure you use that option effectively.

After the multiple choice section of the theory test using the touchscreen computer you'll have a break of 3 minutes before the hazard perception test starts.

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