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ADI Part 3 Checklist and Briefings Book ADI Part 3 Checklist and Briefings Book 

The (approved driving instructor part 3) instructional ability test lasts for about one hour and is designed to assess whether you can give instruction to a pupil in driving in a worthwhile and clearly understood manner. The test is in two phases,...  More >>

Price : £19.99
ADI Part 3 Explained Book ADI Part 3 Explained Book 

So you have passed the part 1 theory test, demonstrating that you have the high standard of knowledge about the theory of driving technique. You have also passed, or are about to take, the part 2 driving ability test, demonstrating that you can put...  More >>

Price : £10.35
Colourfile Professional PLUS Lesson Diagrams in 3D Colourfile Professional PLUS Lesson Diagrams in 3D 

The Driving Instructors Association preferred visual briefing system for the ADI A4 Format - FULLY LAMINATED - 88 pages - Driving Instructor Lesson Plans with 300 new diagrams created in a virtual 3D environment. Encapsulated in 125 micron...  More >>

Price : £89.75
DIA Approved Clutch Demonstrator DIA Approved Clutch Demonstrator 

Great demonstration tool used by Professional Driving Instructors Unique spring assembly gives the learner a feel for how the clutch works. The learner can see the link between engine and road wheels being broken when the clutch pedal is...  More >>

Price : £14.12
DIA Approved Part 3 Prompt Cards DIA Approved Part 3 Prompt Cards 

The original, best selling and the only prompt cards on the market which are approved by the Driving Instructors Association. This handy wallet of cue cards for the driving instructor covers both the phase one and phase two of the ADI part 3...  More >>

Price : £18.35
DIA Approved Reversing Demonstrator DIA Approved Reversing Demonstrator 

DIA approved training aid by Dr John Wells and simply the best way to demonstrate to your pupils what they should see as they reverse around a corner. The inside view of the car has cut out rear and side windows so you can explain observation and...  More >>

Price : £8.99
Guide to the ADI Part 2 Book Guide to the ADI Part 2 Book 

DIA Approved Product The driving ability test lasts for about one hour and is of a very advanced nature. The test will be taken on roads both inside and outside of built-up areas, which may carry heavy and fast moving traffic and may include...  More >>

Price : £12.99
The Motor Car Mechanical Principles Book The Motor Car Mechanical Principles Book 

This book provides ideal resource material for anyone studying for their driving theory test and ADI Part 1 exam. Effectively illustrated in full colour this book is endorsed by the DIA and provides the reader with an essential understanding of the...  More >>

Price : £5.99
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