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Our free practice mock driving theory tests are very similar to the real multiple choice section of the test (one question per page) but with the real DSA theory test you are allowed to flag a question so that you can return to it at a later stage. On Learnerstuff you cannot return to the previous question, so the real test should be a bit easier if you use the flaging option to your advantage.

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During the mock tests / exams you are allowed 60 seconds per question, the time left for that question is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. So the maximum time allowed to complete the test of 35 questions is 35 minutes, 5 minutes less than the real multiple choice section of the theory test of 40 minutes.

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Please Note:- The questions from the official theory test bank are under copyright. In order to comply with copyright law the questions given on the tests below are not from the official theory test bank, but are very similar to those you will see in your actual theory test.

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